Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Personalising with Safmat

I have a wee Safmat project to share with you. Now I racked my brains for something a little bit different to show you. I’ve used Safmat for various projects in the past, and I think my favourite has to be the personalised body lotion I made up for Christmas presents for the kids’ teachers last year. Click here to see that project.
So I had a think about what else I could personalise, as a gift or for myself. Well, I’ve just had to buy a mobile phone for my 12 year old son and he had the opportunity to custom design his own phone cover online for the model I bought him. So I had a lightbulb moment and decided to personalise my own iPhone case.
So I ordered an inexpensive white plastic iPhone case from eBay – there are cases for most brands of mobile phone there. 
I used MS Publisher to make up an A4 sheet of designs that I wanted to print onto the Safmat, but you can use MS Word or any graphics program.
If you don’t want to print off a whole A4 sheet, you can always cut it in half to make 2 x A5 sheets – but remember to change your printer setup to reflect that.
I have a few projects planned over the next wee while, so here’s the sheet I printed off . A quick tip… if you’re not sure which side of the Safmat to print onto, just fold over one of the corners so that the film lifts away from the backing and you’ll be able to tell which is which. 
Carefully cut out the design you want to use – I used some clipart for my design and added my own sentiment in a fancy font
You can cut a lot closer to the design but be careful when removing the backing if your design is quite intricately cut, as it’s quite easy to rip.
And all you have to do is remove the backing sheet and stick it onto the phone case, making sure you remove any air bubbles as you go.
You can create your own designs with digital crafting cd-roms and downloads too – you’re only restricted by your imagination

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