Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Skin Tone Colour Combos

Following on from the Flexmarker hair colour combos I posted a few weeks ago, I thought I would post some of the skin colour combos that I use. I'm frequently asked at demos and classes what colours to use for various different skin tones. I've tried to illustrate a darker skin, an Asian skin, a Hispanic/Indian skin, a couple of light skin tones and I've thrown in a wild colour - the digi image I've used is Salute Her from Saturated Canary, which has a combat/army feel, so the last colour combo is a camouflage effect :)
 It's fun to play around with colours, these are just suggestions. Why don't you see if you can come up with your own colour combos
Debbi x


  1. wow again brilliant .. must try some of these out thank you xxx

  2. Love this Debbi! Do you mind if I print it as a reference tool? Love your tutorials hun. Have been really helpful to me. Hugs, Wends x